For what matters most, we find the way.

For every hope, there is a how-to. For every wish, there is a to-do list. For every dream, there is a design. Compass Financial Partners should know. As experts in institutional retirement plan consulting and individual wealth management, we specialize in helping people make their way to what matters most. Retirement well-being for your employees. A rock-solid financial foundation for your family. The confidence that comes with being prepared for whatever comes next.

Retirement plan Consulting

We have an awesome responsibility, but an equally awesome opportunity. Our goal is to help our clients, both Plan Sponsors and their Participants, enjoy peace of mind. We help empower them to retire with dignity.

Individual Wealth Management

Our clients have ambitious aspirations for themselves, for their families and for their communities. Through strategic wealth management, we help enable our clients to achieve their biggest goals in this lifetime, and leave a legacy for generations to come.

The Way We Do Business

We are not yes-people to our clients. We are thoughtful, honest and strategic partners who engage in a rigorous process to help clients reach their goals.